BTMA-What do you know about the complete palm oil plant?

palm fruit/bunch  → sterilization → threshing → press → clarification → purification  →CPO→decolorizing →  deodorizing →RBD palm oil → crystallization → fractionation → RBD olein & RBD stearin

1.Palm fruit reception:

Transport FFB to reception station, flow to the scraper conveyer, conveyed to sterilizing station.


FFB transported by scraper conveyer fall into sterilizing tank, make FFB soft,get more oil yield. sterilizing time 90~120mins, temperature 130~145°C.


After sterilizing, fruit bunch transported to thresh machine, separate palm fruit and empty fruit bunch.


Before press palm fruit, should be crushed separated palm and kernel.

5.Oil press:

After crushing and digesting, the maxture of palm fruit and kernel fall into special palm oil presser


Filter the oil and use centrifuge to separate oil and impurities.

7.Kernel recovery:

After press, the kernel and cake will be transported to kernel recovery station. Separating nut and shell, then go to kernel oil press.

  1. CPO Refining Processes

De-mixed,degumming, dehydration,deacidification,decolorzation, dewaxing  and deodorization.

(1) Degumming :Usded to neutrilizing ,and water washing,to rid off the acid .

(2) Deodorization:Used to rid off the fetid smell/odour of oil by steam understand of high temperature.

(3) Soap feet vessel:Used to refine the oil sediment from oil refining,to get some oil from oil sediment .

(4) Hot & Alkali water tank:Used to produce hot water heated by the steams ,also alkali water from the alkali dis-voling tank,for adding into the oil refining.